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                                        is an Eshco International company. Eshco International prides itself as a solution provider. The company was started in 2002 as a granite import company.  We were then approached by our customers to provide hard surface flooring.  Once we entered the hard surface flooring space, our customers shared their concerns about the ongoing problems and the lack of a proper solution for dirty grout lines.  Upon hunting in the market, we were not satisfied with the multitude of cleaning products we found that simply couldn't get the job done. The results were not satisfactory enough and definitely not lasting.  With this, the company set out on a quest to find and have made a special blend of chemicals that are intended for maximum results.


Please see our products section for more on our chemicals.

At                                                , we focus on all facets of cleaning for the hospitality industry. We not only understand cleaning but also understand the hospitality industry from an operations stand point.  We know your needs and the needs of your guest and franchisors. Trust none other than for the cleanliness of your hotel.


You may also want to visit our affiliated companies at                                          and trusted partners at    


If you have a challenging problem that you are not able to solve, please contact one of our trusted experts and we will do all we can to help you find a solution.


Our commitment to excellent quality and exceptional customer service throughout the duration of your project will establish a life-long relationship with our company. We would be pleased to have an opportunity to enhance your business and provide you with the finest service. We look forward to working with you.


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