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Heavy Duty Grout Cleaner 

​It is a high powered, concentrated formula, specifically designed to clean and restore old and dirty grout, making it look new again. It easily removes soap scum build-up, lime scale, and hard water deposits on contact.





Deep Clean

​It is intended to act as a heavy duty cleaner and degreaser and removes the toughest of stains. It is water rinseable and helps remove old wax build up as well. Deep Cleaner is completely safe for Natural Stone.


Super Sealer

It is rightfully named because of the unique qualities of protecting sealed grouts and tiles. It is slip resistant and weather resistant. It doesn’t change and alter the look and feel of the area where applied.

Daily Maintenance Tile and Stone Cleaner

It is intended for post service maintenance. Although for ceramic tile and natural stone surfaces it acts as a daily maintenance cleaner. It dissolves grease and is pleasantly scented. It can be used in a multitude of other applications.


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