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Our team has developed an extensive system for cleaning your hard surface floors.  Whether cleaning Ceramic/Porcelain Tiles or Natural Stone floors, our experienced team has the know how to not only clean but to show you how to protect your floors on a daily basis.

We are not only a cleaning company but also a flooring supply company.  We have extensive knowledge of your products of choice from Natural Stone to Porcelain and understand what it takes to not only get them deep cleaned but also to keep them clean.

Our team focuses on not just the grout but also the tile – removing years of built up dirt, filth and grime.  While most people cannot guarantee the cleanliness of your floors 10 mins past them leaving your facility, guarantees that your tiles and grout will remain clean for 1 full year.

Our team combines proprietary chemicals with the infusion of calculated heat and pressure to get your floors cleaner than ever before.

Call us for a demo now!  We guarantee that we will amaze you with our results.

There are four core chemicals that we provide you at                                                  :​

1. Heavy Duty Grout Cleaner                                                        2. Deep Clean

3. Super Sealer                                                                                4. Daily Maintenance Cleaner


​The process involves the use of proprietary chemicals coupled with the infusion of high heat and calculated pressure.

Our Processes.

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