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Tile And Grout Cleaning. 


Tile and grout are extremely difficult to clean. However we at                                                 promise you that by the time we finish with your floors, your floors would’ve never been cleaner. Show us the worst area in your hotel and we shall restore it to its original in a matter of no time.


We don’t paint your grout lines, we actually clean them and help you keep them clean! Our process focuses on not only the cleaning of your grout lines but also the cleaning of your tiles.  We clean and seal the entire surface.

Our sealers are very unique.  They do not change the original look and feel of your tile.  We do not add a shine or sheen to your product.  Our sealers do not peel forcing you to reapply the sealers.

Best of all, we guarantee the performance of our Sealers for 1 full year!  

Ask how we can help you save 3 - 5 mins per room per day of housekeeping time.  Our process will pay you back in savings.

1 year warranty on sealer performance for most areas of your hotel.

The major difference can be seen in this picture.  It has been cleaned out very effectively.

Benefits :

• Consistent guest room experience
• Clean, hygienic floors
• Higher QA scores
• Potentially increased ADR and RevPAR
• Could lead to increased occupancy
• Reduced daily housekeeping costs by 3-5 minutes per day per room.

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